Things To Do

While every luxurious room at Anchaviyo makes it difficult to want to step out, we strongly recommend that you take some time to explore the beautiful, sprawling property, and make the most of all the activities we offer. For the adrenaline junkies, we have cycling, kayaking and even ATV riding.


For a more relaxed evening, you can spend some time in our activity room, over a game of table tennis, pool, chess or even PS. And of course, for all you water babies out there, our pool is at your service! So come on out of your rooms and spend some quality time with your family, significant other or even yourself!


At Anchaviyo Resort

Please Note:
The Resort is vegetarian but we do serve eggs and eggs preparations which is prepared separately in the kitchen. Jain food is available on request. We charge a GST at 18% at the restaurant. Our resort is not pet friendly. Outside food and alcohol is strictly not allowed. We are very strict about swimming attire so that we can keep our pool in as pristine state as possible for your enjoyment and good health. We do not sell or provide swimwear at our resort so kindly carry your own swimwear.